My attempt at being tidy

It’s another Monday morning (by the time this post goes up it would be Wednesday) and it is time to jumpstart the week. No matter how small the projects that we handle in our firm, construction will always be in full swing. Mondays are always a good time to set the tone for the rest of the week.

The day started a little late and in my mind I am confident that our Site Engineers have already conducted their toolbox meetings (the best time for them to meet the workforce, outline the projected accomplishments, dish out specific assignments, and remind them that we have to be safe). With the sun shining bright, I managed to squeezed in a few minutes of exercise, and it really got me pumped up.


Not a bad start.

There are things that needs to be done today Pronto!! On top of the list is to clean up my workstation. Nothing beats a clean work area. Tables of people working at a construction company can become overloaded with documents, loose papers, office supplies and materials samples, and they pile up faster than you can say “Wait!”

Marching into my office armed with an iron will to clean, I headed towards my desk. I was greeted by our purchasing officer and at the same time made a follow-up on the approval of an inch thick of Purchase Orders. Thirty minutes of discussion, no big deal, signing each Purchase Order as we talk. Another employee came in with his own set of projects to discuss, and then another. Minutes turned into hours and before I knew it, people are heading out the door for their lunch break.

Finally some time to clean up. Starting from the top drawer, I categorized and sort each content, threw away some stuff that will never be used. I encountered some receipts which I immediately forwarded to our accounting department (receipts are very important in a construction company, to keep track of your expenses to the last centavo). I continued up to the last drawer, emptying everything on top of the table for relocation.

Just when I was about to return them to the drawers as beautifully arranged works of art, now came in another batch of my loyal subjects with their new sets of requests (on my future posts we will discuss specific challenges faced by a small construction company). It is important that as the owner of your company, we must be the one approving everything that involves money. This may change as you grow bigger in the industry, but since we still need to allocate scarce resources, I do all the deciding, saves a lot of frustration.

Minutes turned to hours and before I knew it, employees are heading out the door and I am left with a heap of random things on my table and a very low level of energy.


I ended up putting everything in a box. I am planning to organize these items ASAP.

I am also planning to continue posting as often as I can. Topics that we will cover will include  things we do during our daily grind, challenges that we encounter, problems that we solved, review of things and new techs that we use and maybe a few emotional and out of this world experiences.


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